Resident Sessions in ECP 2016 Köln - 28 de setembro 2016

Wednesday, 28th September 2016

8.30 A.M. - "The most useful knowledge and skills in the beginning of my career"

  1. Bedossa, 
  2. Bosman, 
  3. Doctor Tiniakos, 
  4. Sobrinho-Simoes
  5. van Krieken


2.45 P.M. – "Session based on the involvement of the hosting country, handled by Dr Steffen Ormanns"

  1.    Thomas Grünewald, MD, PhD: Introduction to the pathology residency in Germany and “atypical” careers in diagnostic pathology and research.
  2. Prof. Carolin Verbeke: Introduction to the diagnostic workup of pancreatectomy specimens – techniques, focuses, pitfalls
  3. Prof. Irene Esposito: Introduction to pancreatic neoplasia – entities, differential diagnosis, pitfalls
  4. Prof. Günter Klöppel: Introduction to Neuroendocrine Tumors – organs, types and classification


5.15 P:M – ESP Residents Assembly

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